My biography

My biography

I was born on March 13, 1977, in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyy, Cherkasy region (Ukraine).

I started to learn how to play the guitar at the age of six under the guidance of my father, Kulikovskiy Viktor Ivanovich.

In 1992 I entered a Cherkasy music school (class of Musayev Tofig Abdulaevich), from which I graduated in 1997. I continued my education in Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, in the class of honored artist of Ukraine, professor Zhad’ko Victoria Anatolievna. I successfully graduated from the University of Culture and Arts in 2004.

I performed mostly as a soloist. Also performed in a duet with my father and cooperated with other performers in the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kiev House of the actor, art gallery "Lavra", Kyiv Teacher's House, Kiev House of Scientists, and many other scenes in Kiev and Ukraine. I also had concerts abroad (Belarus, Poland, Serbia, Russia).

Since 1998 along with my solo performances I was a part of a duet "SOUND" together with Zoya Goncharova (Oreshek).

Starting from 2007 I also play in duet with the Uros Dojcinovic (Serbia).

I’m a member of the Presidium of the Association of Guitarists of National Ukrainian Music Union. I worked as a guitar teacher at the Children's school of arts n.a. C. Turchak and children’s Academy of Arts in Kiev.

Prizes and awards:

The winner of the international competition "Gitaralia" (Poland, 1998).

Certificate "For personal creative contribution in development of the city" scholar of Kyiv mayor for gifted youth (2002)

Winner of the III international competition of composers (Gomel, Belarus, 2004)

Winner of the international competition "Virtuosos of the guitar" (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007)

Master classes:

2002 - master classes of A. Vinnitskiy (Russia), M. Diaz-Tamayo (Cuba), T. Müller-Pering (Germany), P. Pegoraro (Italy)

2004 - master class of A. Vinnitskiy (Russia)

2004 - master classes of I. Rehin and E. Gradushko - in Duo with Zoya Goncharova at the International Summer Guitar Academy (Studenaya Guta, Belarus)

October 2004 - master class of A. Paraskevas (Greece, USA)

September 2005. - master class of A. Cybulski (Australia)


In 2003 the book "Duos for six-string guitar"(Author's publishing house, Kiev, 2003) was published. It consists of author’s arrangements of popular classical pieces for guitar duet.

In 2003 my arrangement of the play of A. Piazolla "Libertango" for guitar duet was published in the collection "Duets" ("Duets 2", Minsk, Belarus)

In 2005 the book "Guitar from the very beginning" (Author's publishing house, Kyiv, 2005) was published.  It consists of author’s plays and arrangements of popular classical music for beginners.

In 2005 a collection of duets for the six-stringed guitars “Duets for 6-strings guitars" (2nd edition, revised and corrected, Publishing house "Lat & K") was published.

In 2005 a collection of "Easy music for guitar" (Publishing house "Lat & K") was published.

In 2005 a collection of “Popular music for guitar" (Publishing house "Lat & K") was published.

In 2006 the book "Modern songs No. 1" (Publishing house "Lat & K") was published.

In 2008 the book "a Modern song No. 2" (Publishing house "Lat & K") was published.

In 2011 the collection "Two magic guitar" (Publishing house "Lat & K") was pubished.


In 2004 the album of duet "SOUND" with Zoya Goncharova was recorded. It includes the music of M. Ganga, H. Cardoso, A. Piazzolla, and others.

In 2008 a solo album "Romantic Guitar" was recorded. It includes the music of P. Tchaikovsky, F. Chopin, J. Gershwin, G.-F. Handel and others.