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Welcome to my site!

I am a guitar teacher with 20 years of experience.

Starting to work while studying at the music college I taught for a long time in different educational institutions - in music schools, in the Children's Academy of Arts. All this time I combined work and concert activity together. For more details, please, see "My biography".

If you decided to learn to play guitar

I'm sure I can show you a lot of new and interesting things. In my classes I talk about historical styles and music genres, we study music theory, develop hearing, work on technique. All these skills combined together give a solid base of performing. For more details, please, see "Guitar Lessons".

Guitar lessons for kids

I give lessons for young talents at the age of 7. Lessons are based on the system on which the open strings of the guitar are learning first. I compose ensemble pieces on the open strings as well. And only afterwards we add the other notes by two. I use this method for more than 10 years now. Children like it a lot! For more details, please, see "Guitar lessons for children."

Guitar lessons for adults

I build it on the system where half of the music pieces based on the music that students prefer most. This approach guarantees that you will get pleasure from the learning process. Indeed, you can play music that you love for a very long time. For more details, please, see "Guitar Lessons for adults". 

Private guitar lessons have a number of advantages:

  • inpidual schedule of classes
  • flexible payment 
  • free selection of training material
  • not necessarily to bring the guitar for a lesson
  • training material will be sent to the student by e-mail or via vk
  • friendly atmosphere

Signing up for the lessons, please call +385953253468